Back in June 2008, I started a YouTube account called ScratchedChalkVideos. I thought it would be a ‘summer project’, but once I got over 100 subscribers and 20,000 views… I knew it would be more than just a ‘project’.

I first became interested in computers and software back in 2005. Ever since then, I’ve been learning as much as I can, to broaden my knowledge.

After some small jobs I did (finding the problem to someone’s software malfunction and then fixing it), I thought I should help others too, except for free.

Ever since April-June 2008 I haven’t been very interested in YouTube, I only created an account to favorite videos I liked, and share them with friends. Although when I started noticing some great people who made tutorials on software, hardware and even reviews, I got really interested and devoted a lot of my time learning from these amazing videos.

When June came around, thought it was the perfect time to start up a YouTube account and see what would happen.

First thing I had to do was choose a name. From my experience on YouTube, I found that un-original names did not get many views, so I had to come up with something unique and memorable.

So, before my holidays began, I still had school. So, I was sitting in class, bored… And then the teacher had made that ‘nails on chalkboard’ sound, by accident of course :P. That gave me the idea for ScratchedChalk.

The first month went great! On my third week into the account, I received a #1 Most Subscribed This Week – Gurus – Canada. I was really pleased with my progress, and by that time, I had about 10-15 videos.

After I had joined many social networks and tech forums, my name got around, and that got me 50-100 extra subscribers! It’s amazing how easily you can get noticed with the proper videos and voice.

So here I am, almost five months later, with over 70,000 views, 350+ subscribers and 60+ videos. I’ve recently just submitted and application for my videos, and if I don’t make it in, it will give me an extra two months to get more subscribers and views.

I am extremely pleased with the results so far, and if your looking to make videos too, I advise you to do so, it’s a great experience and who know, you might accomplish something else along the way!

Thank you for reading through that. I know it was long, but it explained a lot. I hope you enjoyed.




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