Gmail goes offline along with multiple inboxes

On February 6, Google decided to add two new great features to the Gmail Labs list. Having to option to go offline and have a span of inboxes across your monitor(s).

Offline Gmail takes Google Gears into account and turns your inbox into an offline email client. Here you can do pretty much anything you do online, such as browse through your mail, add labels, draft new messages and even prepare a message and send it out when you go back online. Another great feature is that Google automatically detects if you’re online or not, so it keeps everything in sync.

When enabled in Google Labs, Multiple Inboxes can display up to 8 different labels or searches next to your actual inbox, so you can keep an eye on incoming messages as well as labeled ones. To get started, go to settings then navigate to the Multiple Inboxes tab, then set your preferences.

If I wanted to see incoming messages labelled Ebay, I would enter is:Ebay (or the label of your choice). Here are some other examples of multiple inboxes that you can use.

is:starred [Starred items]

is:drafts [Drafted items]

has:attachment [All emails that have an attachment]

is:unread [All unread messages]

You can even combine these, for example you could have all unread messages with attachments. Post some of the multiple inboxes you are using in the comments, we’d love to see them!


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