Which Blog?

I’ve been debating on this for some time now. When I first started blogging, I used Blogger, a free service by Google.

After some researching, I came across WordPress, which I will be soon converting to my own domain name.

Now my principle question to all you viewers, which blog should my main blog be? (I’ll still be using both, but which ever one you choose, I’ll post more content on.)

My Blogger Blog:


My WordPress Blog

Vote Here:


4 Responses to Which Blog?

  1. KrazyK says:

    You know me 😛

    In even of a tie, this comment should balance it out:



  2. XxGam3rFr3akxX says:

    Use WORDPRESS!!!!Blogger sucks!

  3. Right now I’m leaning towards WordPress since you can create various pages, but with Blogger you can embed a wider variety of Widgets…

  4. I would definitely choose wordpress, as you can download it and upload it to your own host. In reply to ScratchedChalk’s comment, as you can download wordpress you can edit the php/html files and add as many widgets as you want!!!

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