For all you people out there who don’t use Twitter, you do not know what your missing.

Twitter is another social network site that lets users connect by answering a simple question: What are you doing? Extremely simple. You have a 140 character maximum for your “tweet” and you can post them as often as you want.

Like any other social networking site, you can follow, or be followed by other users around the world. Simply go to their Twitter page and click follow!Now you might be wondering, I don’t want to look at people’s tweets that say “I’m going out”, those are boring! But of course not! There’s several web sites that relate to Twitter and give you the latest tweets and headlines that are most popular! Such as TwitScoop and TwicPic.

Not sure on who to follow? Friends or family can’t be bothered to join? Not to worry, you’ll have plenty people to follow in no time! Twitter Search is the way to go. With it’s easy and simple search, you could type in anything from Computers to Photography, and it will come up with all the profiles that relate to that search.

If your a FireFox user, may I recommend the TwitterFox Add-On. It lets you update, view and reply to your followers Tweets. Small, convenient and you’ll be finding yourself using it almost everyday!

This social network is fast growing and one of the top ones on the Internet. Sign up for a free account today on Twitter and get Tweeting!

If you want to follow me on Twitter, my user name is ScratchedChalk.


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