The New iPod Nano!

Well just recently Apple released their newest gadget, the new iPod Nano!

Now I’ve actually been waiting some time for this to come out, and I’ve even seen a leaked pictures on some forums I’m apart of.

Now it comes with a sleeker design, thinner cut and a shake to shuffle feature. Space wise it comes in 8GB or 16GB, and I find it’s pretty decent.

The super-thin Nano looks amazingly cool and will probably do well this holiday. And a new 120GB Classic for $249 matches what Microsoft announced for the Zune on Monday.

Only it’s an iPod, which means it looks way cooler, has a scroll wheel, is far more fashionable…you know the drill. They’ve put the cover flow and accelerometer from the iPhone in, meaning the Nano will know when you turn it on its side. You can shake it up and it’ll shuffle songs. New bright colors, and more recyclable than ever before.

(Wow–is it smart to introduce a new product by talking about how you’ll have to throw it away someday?) This is all fine and dandy if you don’t have an MP3 player already, but I’m not seeing any exciting new features that will make existing iPod owners run out and upgrade.


Article from CNET News


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